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Our History

SHTL is a family business founded by Shaun Haman in 2014. With over 10 years’ experience within the transport industry SHTL is built on a foundation of passion for the Transport Industry. We aspire to help both our clients as well as suppliers.

Transport is not only a movement of goods from one point to another,it is helping two parties in need achieve a common goal. Working in harmony with one another, meeting client expectations and supplier needs we aim to help both parties to the best of our ability

On the road to achieve this we have had the priviledge of expanding our fleet which now includes a Folding Gooseneck Truck&Trailer Combination. By doing so our clients can feel at ease knowing exactly where their loads are and are continually updated on the progress of equipment in transit.

At SHTL we offer our clients various service solutions and we are pleased to announce that we intend to broaden our fleet in the nearing future to include various vehicles. Providing in our service sector the transport of normal and abnormal load road transportation we would direct our investment toward lowbeds initially leaving room to expand the scope of our services to specialized trailers in the nearing future.

It is our dream and motto to create a brand based on high levels of client and supplier satisfaction.

Clients can be assured of continued service levels from SHTL.

The benefit of engaging with SHTL is that we have the expertise in the industry and are available 24/7, offering competitive and innovative transport solutions.

For any transport request or piece of mind, don’t wait, contact SHTL today.

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